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Why choose Down Under Visa?

  • Australian Registered Migration Agents in Manila, and will help you to get a tourist visa from Philippines to Australia for Australian Filipina couples
  • Tourist Visa (Visitor Visa) and Partner Visa Specialists
  • A friendly family-run migration agent practice – not a cold and heartless corporation
  • All visa applications handled personally by Jeff Harvie RMA– not by unqualified staff while the Agent is in Australia
  • Our office and staff is in Manila, with easy access to local clients, the Australian Embassy in Manila, and with local knowledge and experience. This means Jeff and Mila Harvie are here all the time.
  • Visa applicants electronically lodged with the Australian Embassy in Manila
  • Free online visa assessments to see if you qualify for an Australian visa

Down Under Visa has been providing expert visa and immigration advice for Australian sponsors and their Filipina partners. Jeff Harvie is a Registered Migration Agent (M.A.R.N. 0959797) and Australian Migration Law consultant. He and his migration agency staff are here to support and guide applicants and their families through all stages of the complex migration process.

We specialise in Tourist Visas to Australia (aka Australian Visitor Visas), especially for couples. We are also fiancee (Prospective Marriage Visa or PMV) and spouse (Partner Visa) visa specialists too, and practically all our applicants are from the Philippines.

We are qualified and highly experienced not only in visa applications but in the culture and workings of the Philippines. We ourselves went through the partner visa process many years ago. This means we have the ability to not only help you, but to understand what you’re going through. Read on if you would like our help.?

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