Prospective Marriage Visas

Wedding Photo of a happy Australian Visa Recipient

The Australian visa of choice when planning on getting married in Australia to your fiancee. If you have a genuine intention to marry and have already met, and have evidence to prove this, we may apply for this visa for you. At Down Under Visa we can manage your application, then your fiancé (fiancée) can go to Australia on a Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa.

A condition of obtaining Australian fiancée visas is that you must enter Australia before getting married and MUST marry within nine months of the GRANTING of that visa. When married, you then apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (with the evidence of the marriage) and then may be granted a Subclass 820 temporary Partner Visa.

If you are still together after two years and can provide proof of being still together, you may be granted a Subclass 801 PERMANENT partner visa. Please note that you can apply for the Subclass 820 and 801 at the same time.?

These visas require that you are SPONSORED by your partner/spouse/fiance, and this means that they must be eligible to sponsor you. They must be able to show they can support you financially, as there is no entitlement to make any claims for social security benefits from the Government for at least the first two years of coming to Australia.?

The visa may be granted and may also include any dependent children, which gives them the same rights too as the Fiancee.?

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