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Tourist visa or partner visa? The big question for Australian Filipina couples.

Tourist or Partner Visa

I’ve done BLOG articles on this topic in the past, and high time I did an update. Things have changed since the last time I did one, and some of what I said before is less relevant than it used to be. But other things remain the same. There is a time for applying for an Australian tourist visa, and a time for applying for an Australian partner visa (spouse visa, fiancée visa, prospective marriage visa, etc).

The main thing I will put to you is this: If you are committed to each other, you should be looking at a partner visa. No question about that! The issue of “I just want to see if she likes Australia” is a non-issue, and has always been a non-issue. I have never come across a situation where a Filipina lady says to her man “You are the love of my life, but I don’t want to live in Australia. Goodbye forever!”, and then heads back to Manila. Yes, we come across relationships that fail, but not because Melbourne or Perth filled the lady with loathing. If she loves you, she wants to be with you and she will adapt! It’s not so hard anyway, is it?Continue reading

Can I get an Australian tourist visa extension?

Just One More Extension


You’re in Australia on a three month tourist visa grant from the Philippines, and enjoying your time with your Australian fiancé (or husband or partner). Why wouldn’t you? He IS an Australian man after all! You’re coming up to the end of a three month stay. Can you stay longer in Australia, or do you need to return to Philippines?Continue reading