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Tourist Visas to Australia

Tourist Visas to Australia

About Australian Tourist Visas / Visitor Visas

Everyone who is not already an Australian Citizen and wants to enter Australia MUST have a visa. If you do not have a visa, they will not let you in. It’s as simple as that. This even applies to tourists.

And they will not grant a visa unless they are convinced you are a genuine applicant. That means they need to know you wish to enter Australia to:

  • Visit family and friends
  • Do “tourist things”, like sightseeing and holidaying.

Tourist visas are NOT for:

  • Working or looking for work
  • Applying for other visas, like work visas or partner visas
  • Staying permanently

At the end of the visa period you must go back. Tourist visa grants to Australia from Philippines almost always have a Condition 8503 applied to them, which means NO FURTHER STAY. Australian tourist visas are definitely not a short-cut or a queue-jump to permanent resident (PR) status. If this is your intention, then please think again. And please discuss with us the other options available to you by going through the right channels.

If you are a genuine visitor, especially if you wish to spend time with family members or someone special in your life, then we can help you by preparing an application that is complete and honest and which meets the stringent Regulations. We can give you proper visa requirements that match your situation, and we can check that you have provided us with the correct visa requirements. We are thorough and we are absolutely honest. No lies or bending the truth. No clever schemes. This will only come back to bite you, and will stay on your permanent record. Our success rate in 2012 was 95.55% visa grants, and we did this without ever telling lies.

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The Facts About the Australian Visa Process

Australian Visa
  • Australian Migration Law comes from the Migration Act 1958, Migration Regulations 1994, a Department of Immigration & Citizenship Procedures Advice Manual, and endless Ministerial Directions and Parliamentary Gazette Notices. It also changes and is updated constantly.
  • Basically (under s65 of The Act), if a visa application meets the Regulations in the legislation as interpreted by Departmental Policy, they will grant an application, ie. Get it right…..you get a visa!
  • But if the application does not meet the criteria, the visa will not be granted. This is the case with all visas, and very much the case with tourist visas! There is no room for error, and it the application fails, you may experience re-application delays or you may very well not get a second chance. If it’s wrong even in a small way, you get nothing!
  • If the outcome of your Australian Visa application and your future plans mean something to you, you should use a professional who knows all about the legislation, and how the Department views visa applications. We will assess your particular case and give you the correct visa requirements for your specific situation. Why would you settle for anything less? Isn’t your future happiness and security worth doing it right?
  • And beware of fake and unregistered agents, especially in the Philippines! Beware of opportunistic travel agents, employment agents or education agents who claim they can manage your visa application for you. You have no proof of their qualifications or ethics, and therefore no protection whatsoever! Insist on a MARA-registered migration agent! See this YouTube VIDEO to learn about the risks!

Take a free (and QUICK!) online visa eligibility assessment now, and let us see what how we can help you achieve your dream of a new life.

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