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Tourist Visa Philippines

Dear Mila and Jeff,

I am writing to let you know that we are grateful to have your service.

We've waited so long to be together but things isn't easy as we took the risk to process my visa on our own.We find it hard and so stressful because of my complicated situation. I process my divorce in Hong Kong where I used to work but still they give me no guarantee to get my visa because the Australian immigration in Hong Kong want me to declare my divorce in Philippines whicjh is not honoured in our Philippine Law and also they ask me to provide a single status certificate which is impossible to get bacause am not annulled. I feel so pressured and stress that makes me sick feeling hopeless, that was when we finally decided to get an agent and we made the right decision to get your service. In the beginning things seems impossible but when you started the process and follow up my visa honestly you gives us peace of mind as everything went well, quicker, stress free and no more worries at all.

In our surprise the visa was granted earlier than we expect. We thank you for all your advcie and for sharing us your story that gives us hope and we also appreciate your kindness and patient for replying our emails the quickest you can.

Thanks for the great effort and to all of your your staff who work together to give us an excellent service.

Finally I am with John here in Australia very happy, strating a new life spending wonderful moments together.

To Jeff and Mila a million thanks, wishing you luck and more power.


Client Testimonials – Videos

Tourist Visa Philippines
Maecel Video Testimonial Link

Visa Type: Subclass 309

Maecel will soon fly to Australia to be with her husband, after her Subclass 309 visa was granted in only 3 months!

Tourist Visa Philippines
Video testimonial from Mia

Visa Type:Subclass 309 Partner Visa

Mia shares her experience with hiring Down Under Visa to secure a Visa to be with her husband Tom in Australia.
Tourist Visa Philippines
Video Testimonial of Justin and Ghie

Justin and Ghie chose Down Under Visa to be their migration agents, to help Ghie to migrate to Australia from the Philippines.