Written Testimonials

Below you will find written testimonials from clients of Down Under Visa who successfully received the visa to Australia thanks to the efforts of Jeff and Mila Harvey. To see video testimoials of happy clients click here.

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Tourist Visa Philippines

Good day! First thing I could say to my Migration Agent is thank yoou so much for helping us. We've done a lot of things to work this out. I am happy also to work withyou,you are very hard working and on time by telling us if you have any information about my visa application. So that we can do it as early as we can. I really appreciate all you hard working to make this happen. Thank You and Good Luck.

Manilyn Q. Albino
Sincerely Yours,
Tourist Visa Philippines

Really appreciate the support of professional with knowledge of how things work as I work I didnt really want to have to deal with all the immigration paper I just wanted to be told what to fill in and then submit. Your expertise is really appreciated and both jeff and Jeremy were always professional and friendly in their dealings with us which was also greatly apreciated-Thank you!

Gemma Garcie Phil Watts
Tourist Visa Philippines

Jeff and Mila on behalf on Nacilyn and myself I would like to thank you and rest of your staff at Downunder Visa for the assistance that we received in having our prosprctive marriage and our tourist visas Granted with no hassles at all. To have people who know what they are doing in the process makes you eel confident. There are other various agents out there but believe the service and support would not compare to Downunder Visa. To have milla as extra support for Nacilyn was very helpful for her. Its not only visa support you give its the support for your total experience and advice for a healthy future together. A great help for our happiness Thank you very much.

Daniel Small.
Tourist Visa Philippines

I highly recommend Jeff and Mila Harvie of DownUnderVisas. It was so great to have an Aussie agent who is married to a Filipina and lives in Manila. He understands both Aussie ang Pinoy cultures and is very professional and ethical visa agent. It was also good for Virgie to speak to Mila in Tagalog whenever she needed clarification or information.

Jeff was very helpful throughout the whole visa application process. He always told me the truth in a concise manner, but without being abrupt. He advise always made sense and he would help me to understand things whenever I got confused or impatient.

Jeff was always so prompt in replying to my email enquiries and I that really impressed me. Jeff's experience, knowledge and service shows that he is a true professional and is truly believe that you can not do any better than Down Under Visa.

My wife is now here and we are so happy Well done Jeff and Mila (And we wrote this after getting the visa!).
Regards from Richard and Virgie

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