Written Testimonials

Below you will find written testimonials from clients of Down Under Visa who successfully received the visa to Australia thanks to the efforts of Jeff and Mila Harvey. To see video testimoials of happy clients click here.

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Tourist Visa Philippines

First of all, our sincerest appreciation on the quality of work that Down Under Visa Co has provided to us.

Mr. Jeff Harvie has given us first class service. He personally meets his clients and gives direct and honest advice on visa possibilities and options. He provides cloar instructions on all requirements. While gathering all the requirements, he never delays and always responds on time on our query whenever there is some confusion or doubt on our part.

There was one time where our documents were almost lost or delayed and it did not reached him on time. It was an honest mistake on our part for choosing a wrong couler service. He did not blame us but instead he even come out of his way to search for it and find solutions to finding it. I believe this is a really a professional way of dealing with clients!

Most speacially, the visa was granted on the time table we expected. We are lucky that we choose Down Under Visa Co under Mr. Jeff Harvie as our agent.

Again, THANK YOU and would be looking forward to rendering the service again of Mr. Jeff Harvie in future. GOD BLESS!
Christopher and Annaliza

Tourist Visa Philippines

My family and I are very greateful to Mr. Jeff Harvie from Down Under Visa for his professionalism and expertise in handling our application. The whole process was complex and tediou at times. But having some one like Jeff, who understands the Australian immigration laws made us feel comfortable and at case. Jeff was always reachable and rest us in the know with numerals E-mails.

I appreciate his honest opinions on various matters that came up along the way, some even personal.

Jeff, THANK YOU very much, and we look forward to meeting you soon!!
All the Best.

Tourist Visa Philippines

After 2 failed attempts applying for tourist/spousal vis privately, Melissa was granted a 3 months tourist visa (Including lodgement fees) and advice from a migration agent that cost P500 informing us that we only had 20% chance of obtaining the appropriate visa we decided to contact “Down Under Visa”. Jeff and Mila were truly proffesional in every aspect of the application and at no time did we feel that we would not be granted the visa's. We would also like to add that the fees of Down Under Visa are much less than the other agents. Melissa was granted a 3 months tourist visa on November 16,2011 and prospective marriage about February 9,2012. We would like to express our thanks to Jeff/Mila for their effort and would have no hesitation in recommending “Down Under Visa” to anyone seeking those service. Keep up the great work Jeff.
Regards. Melissa and John

Tourist Visa Philippines

To Jeff Harvie of Down Under Visa.
Michael and Jenny English (nee Portacio)
Provisional spouse visa (subclass 309) granted 23 August 2012.

My first word in my wifes as well is to say and say a big thank you for Jeffs unwavering attention to detail, fast response and most helpful comments along the road that has led to myself and my wife finally being united to be forever in Austrlia as husband and wife (as long as we both we shall live).

Our story starts off on the internet. Michaels Australian wife 19 years died a while ago leaving him wondering what to do. Michael was on the internet looking at personal advertisements on a well known dating site. Michael noticed an advertisement by Jenny and was immediately intrigued by this woman who was so very honest in every way. Jenny had only posted the once at urging of her sister to try and find someone who could be a partner. If Jenny didn't hear anything further that would be it. So this union came from a chance meeting on the internet.

However, by some stroke of good fortune by Michael and Jenny kept in communication via email and texting. Texting is an interesting one as it has become our main means of communication. And text messages feature quite prominently in our visa application process. And yes, they can even be printed out.

As is so often the case in the Philippines, well meaning relatives suggested Jenny obtain a tourist visa to come to Australia and get married. Jenny, as would be expected, listened to this family advice and Michael seen nothing wrong with it either.

However Michael is a chemistry PhD candidate and started investigating the visa process. He soon came across Down Under Visa and Jeff Harvies' website. Jeff is registered MARA agent. In no uncertain terms Jeff has stated getting a tourist visa to marry a Filipina is a no win situation. Michael eventually found out yes, they reject tourist visas. Jennys' included. To add insult to injury a travel agent decided to act as the agent. Michael actually met the unregistered agent at a later date who said why not try again? Not likely.

So Michael followed Jeffs' suggestion. Get over there and meet the lady, take heaps of photos and have a good time. Yes you must meet in person. Just meeting on the internet is nothing. However we got married there and believe me that is an exercise in frustration. One should try and get what is called a CENOMAR to start with. Not forgetting mandatory family planning which being in Tagalog with English slides can be quite comical. Then somehow convince a pastor to actually conduct a ceremony when it is quite specific that the first step is to gain a marriage licence followed at least ten days later by a marriage contact. In our case this took two trips to the Philippines Then trying to get a marriage certificate is something else. Yes they take their time. It comes from the very real low wages the government employees have to axist on. Michael and Jenny would have much preferred to get married in Australia as its so very much easier. But the good ol rellies insisted it was done right there, in Manila. We had a great time though. And it isimmensely cheaper than the same process in Australia

Soon all necessary visa paperwork was prepared through Jeff. Sure there may be cheaper agents out there. But, are they registered? Can you trust them? Do they know anything about the culture? Have they been through the process? Even better, Jeff lives in Manila and handles it personally. Who else can make that claim? Michaels main word of advice is to make it abundantly clear to the fiance/partner to not listen to well meaning relatives but only to a MARA registered migration agent.

Anyway as part of the process of waiting for approval of the visa Jenny obtained a tourist visa and came to Australia. Jenny could not get over of not having to pay to go to a park or a beach. That so much was free. That somehow everything was so neat and well organized. Jenny had such a wonderful time and it was a most sorrowful ocassion when we parted.

Jenny had some issues with having benn previously in Saudi Arabia. Often times many families in the Philippines will send their best and brightest there to earn a living to support their family at home. With Jeffs expert assistance this matter was overcome. This is yet another reason to employ a properly registered migration agent who has almost singlehandedly written the book on migration of ones' Filipina spouse from the Philippines.

It was Michaels and Jennys great privilege to been so ably assisted by Jeff, his wife and staff to obtain a partner visa for Jenny. May we count on Jeff and family being amonst our most cherished friends both now and in future. The money spent, though significant, is nothing compared to the heartache that could have been inflicted by using unregistered, inexperienced pretend agents. What price can you put on this?
Many thanks and best wishes to our mate, Jeff.

Michael and Jenny English

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