Tourist Visas to Australia

For anyone but an Australian Citizen to enter Australia, a visa is required. This applies to permanent stays and it applies to those who simply want to visit, ie. tourists and those who wish to visit someone they met online.

Down Under Visa Clients at Surfer's Paradise in Australia

Down Under Visa Clients in Australia

If your intention is genuine, and you wish to visit Australia from the Philippines for a short time, we can probably help you. If you have a special relationship with an Australian or woman, or if you are an Australian who wants that special partner to visit you, then you need to complete our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT FORM.??

Down Under Visa have an exceptional success rate with Australian Filipina couples in loving relationships. If you are a genuine visitor who wants to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend (or an Australian fiancee, fiance or spouse), then you’ve come to the right place.?

We can help you by:?

  • Professionally preparing a visa application which meets the requirements written in the Migration Regulations.
  • Preparing an application which is complete and which has no shortcuts or false information that will get you in trouble. We do everything by the book.
  • We give you the right visa requirements to match your situation, ie. no “one size fits all”
  • And we check those visa requirements that you send us thoroughly to ensure they are correct and sufficient.

Why use a Registered Migration Agent?

  • Assess your initial suitability for a visa.
  • Choose the most suitable visa for you
  • Provide a checklist of your visa requirements (documents and relationship evidence)
  • Check all documents for accuracy and suitability.
  • Prepare and submit the completed application professionally


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